Flower Tea 100 grams


Flower Tea brings together elegance and art to loose green tea. Artisans take freshly picked green tea leaves from higher elevation gardens and handsew them with edible flowers to come up with exclusive flavors and exotic designs. When steeped in hot water, these leaves slowly blossom into a bouquet of breathtaking flowers and exquisite flavors.

Our tea comes with these flavors:

  • Jasmin Flower Tea (Hoa nhài)
  • Rose Petal Tea (Hoa hồng)
  • Daisy Flower Tea (Hoa cúc)
  • Globe Amaranth Tea (Hoa bách nhật)
  • Stevia Rebaudiana Tea (Cỏ ngọt )
  • Lavender Tea (Hoa oải hương)
  • Butterfly Pea Flower ( Hoa đậu biếc)
  • Forget Me Not Flower (Hoa lưu ly)
  • Pomelo Flower (Hoa bưởi)
  • Lemon (Chanh)
  • Dianthus Caryophyllus Flower (Hoa cẩm chướng)

Butterfly Pea Flower – Hoa đậu biếc, Daisy Flower – Hoa cúc, Dianthus Caryophyllus Flower – Hoa cẩm chướng, FLAVOR, Forget Me Not Flower – Hoa lưu ly, Globe Amaranth – Hoa bách nhật, Honeysuckle Flower – Hoa kim ngân, Jasmine Flower – Hoa nhài, Lavender – Hoa oải hương, Lemon – Chanh, Pomelo Flower – Hoa bưởi, Rose Petal – Hoa hồng, Stevia Rebaudiana – Cỏ ngọt

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